Phie's A Little Lighthouse

She's a little lighthouse when she opens up her huge eyes and streams of diamonds shoot out til we're wading waist-deep in her brilliant love.

—These Days


These Days by Nico

"I’ve stopped my dreaming,
I won’t do too much scheming
These days, these days.
These days I sit on corner stones
And count the time in quarter tones to ten.
Please don’t confront me with my failures,
I had not forgotten them.”

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guest post by colelovemonsters WOW! unbelievable!

Me and my girlfriend are poor as hell, please donate if you can


My girlfriend and I are trying to make ends meet and treat ourselves when we can to keep our spirits up. I can do commissions, but I haven’t been getting too much business in that way, and neither has my girlfriend, who is much better at clean, finished art than I am.

I’m still unemployed and job hunting and doing fucking surveys for fifty cents to a dollar daily, but that’s not really going to add up till I get $30 and I’m only halfway there right now. It’s boring, miserable, and like I said takes forever to add up to anything.

I’m good at not thinking about it because I’m not the primary moneymaker in the house, but my girlfriend’s constantly stressed over finances because we have to make rent and like I said, I don’t have a job yet and I’m not getting commissions often enough.

Please, please donate if you can spare even a dollar, it adds up.

My paypal email is, there’s a donate button on my blog. If you can’t help, and that’s okay, don’t feel bad, just please signal boost this so people who do have enough money to help will see it.

Thank you and have wonderful days!

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